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REFERENCE | Katarina L. | 15 November 2018

Monika has been our English teacher from May 2012 now. She is responsible, caring and truly enjoys working with young children. Our son 8years old and our daughter 4,5years old are extremely energetic and a bit headstrong. Monika can keep them in line and have fun at the same time. She gives both attention by organizing projects that make each feel special. She is truthful about their behavior and forthcoming with any problems.

Monika is consistent in her expectations and honest about her own capabilities. She instinctively knows when to think like a child and when to act like an adult. She prefers hands on activities and story books to TV or videos. She is resourceful- she always brings something new that grabs children’s attention immediately. Her positive attitude and energy are constant, even after a long day. Our children love speaking English (they see it more as fun than learning) and are looking forward to each lesson.

Katarina L.