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REFERENCE | Esther S. | 08 January 2019

Do you want to raise a great kid as well? Then Monika will be very helpful!

My name is Esther. Together with Bjorn and my 2 year's old daughter I moved from the Netherlands to Bratislava in February 2013. From the beginning Monica has been of big help to our family. She has been carefully babysitting our daughter Mijntje, since she was 6 months old. She always listens to what WE as a family think is important by parenting. She simply combines that with her university background in this field and with her own view on how to raise children. It might sound like an advertising campaign, but from the bottom of our hearts, we can say she really does an amazing job. To me she is like the super nanny, you probably all know from TV?

While doing all kinds of creative, sports related and educational things, our daughter learned to speak English fluently (of course seen from a two year's old point of view). By Monika's clear and positive attitude she actually realized a happy Mijntje, who WANTS to behave, wants to learn, wants to do various things on her own. Simply, because Monika continuously encourages her. "Yes, of course you may play, after you washed your hands". One of the latest things our daughter wants to do, is counting to 10 in English. She doesn't do that because we want her to do that. She only does that, because she enjoys it herself.

It doesn't matter if it concerns our daughter's fear, anger, her own wisdom (she is already two, you know:-) or what kind of feelings our daughter has, Monika always has various ways to change her behavior into a happy and constructive one. It goes without saying we are not always having a sunshine daughter. We have the same challenges as other parents do, but Monika always comes up with a creative solution. Something we really appreciate. She never gives us an answer like: "I don't know". Whether she knows it by her own theoretical or practical experience, or discussed it with doctors or a child psychologist, she always comes up with new creative tips for changing unpleasant or harmful behavior of children. If her suggestion doesn't work at once, it certainly will after the 'tenth' time. It doesn't matter if it concerns things our daughter wants to do (yelling in a crowded supermarket) or things she doesn't want to do (tidy up). Monika always has several tips.

We would be very grateful, if we can raise a happy, empathic, well behaved and defensible child. A child who experiences to be loved and within our borders wants to discover the world. Monika's approach fits this wish for 100%. One of the things we really appreciate is that Monika always stays up to date within the field of parenting information and she keeps on evolving her profession. Lately she passed her exam for teaching children to swim. Lucky for us, it's one of our daughter's favorite hobbies. We feel, see and smell Monika's passion for raising great kids! It's very pleasant you can leave your daughter with a person like this. I never feel bad I have to leave. Because I am always sure that she will discover another perfect day with Monika.

We ourselves can have a lot of ideas about how to raise and teach our children. But in the end our children themselves are the best way to see if it works. I can say that Mijntje is really looking forward to one of her new discoveries together with Monika. She loves their trips to various play grounds, visiting animal farms, walking with the dogs and just being outside and playing with the autumn leaves. But she also loves to learn shapes, colors, traffic rules, sounds of animals, to do puzzles, get 'dance lessons', make music and just learn new things. Last week, we got a big smile on our faces when Mijntje spontaneously said: " I love Monika". In the end that makes us the most happy.br

It is said that all positives things do have negative sites as well. I think it's true: "we never can go back to our home country, or we have to bring Monika along".

Esther S.