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Autumn teaching ideas

Hello everyone I would like to share the best autumn resources that worked for me and my students
P.S. Best is to print them out and laminate for multiple use


1. Autumn Bingo- any language

2. Autumn syllables counting- any language
3. Autumn tree painting- craft

4. Autumn sensory box (kids up to 6yo) and Colours sensory box (kids up to 6yo) 

5. Turkey feathers counting- colours and numbers recognition
6. Cornucopia- horn of plenty
7. Say...boo board game- English

8. Halloween crafts- slime and mummies
Slime receipt
Ingredients: Hercules glue, white washing powder, warm water, colours- paints or food colouring
Order: 1. pour HG into a bowl, 2. in 1dcl of warm water dissolve 1 teaspoon of washing powder, 3. add colour into glue and mix (if you wish different that white), 4. add water mixture into glue mixture using teaspoon (you should need about 4 teaspoons), 5. slime is ready, 6. add creepy things as googly eyes, bats, spiders and so on

Mummy craft
11. What will I wear board game

12. Kites from plastic bags or paper(following directions)