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Make a fun and exciting sensory bin for everyday leading up to Christmas! There are so many different sights and smells that you can incorporate into a sensory activity and so many supporting activities you can do alongside.

My favorite supplies:
- pasta, rice (colored red, green and white) or pompoms (depending on the age of your little ones)
- jingle bells
- Xmas tree figures
- snowflakes or stars
- candy canes
- holly/ivy/mistletoe
- anything you have at home and you would like to add
Ma favorite alongside activities (tpu can find them on my website):
- sorting (by color, size, eye-hand recognition)
- Xmas dobble
- Mitten story (introduction to forest animals)
- forest animals footprints recognition and games
- shadow matching
- counting
- stickers fun
- decorating a felt Xmas tree